Saturday, May 15, 2010

Newtown Station Latest

After a long period of silence, the revised Newtown Station renovations were launched this month by local member and Deputy Premier, Carmel Tebbutt and Transport Minister, Davd Campbell. The accompanying press release (pdf) was light on detail, although did contain an intruiging reference to 'including archaeological testing and demolition of the old kebab shop'. The renovations are supposed to cost an extraordinary $31M dollars, you really think we'd be getting more for that than a tarted up old station building, covered walkway and a couple of elevators.


The main change from the previous proposal (read more here and here) is that the gaudy canopy (on the right below) :

has been replaced by a simpler cleaner look, which is an improvement. Interesting though that the revised plan was not provided to the public for comment, and indeed is not online anywhere. The Mayor's requests to Carmel Tebbutt's office for any further information have not been responded to.

Probably because this was about the 17th launch of station renovation plans (a NSW Labor specialty) there wasn't a lot of press, apart from this very brief article in the Inner West Courier. The comments on that article reflect the general cynicism that this will actually go ahead.

However a D.A. has already been lodged with the council, although intruigingly only for soil quality testing (those kebabs again) rather than any demolition or construction work. I've got to say it's the most detailed documentation I've ever seen, given the limited scope of the works. Maybe that's where some the $31M is going. According to the press release a tender has been called for the demolition of the kebabery as well; still, I'll only be assured this is real when I see signs of some construction rather than destruction.


  1. LOL - it's like they've gone from being too fancy-schmancy to throwing in the towel and not even trying.

  2. Yep new artist impression looks boring and like any other station. At least the canopy was different and somewhat unique, just like Newtown. But at this rate any type of upgrade is god.

  3. wouldn't think the $31 m is to high a price, be a lot of work in clearing up the front of the tram sheds to move the ticketing to that signal building, and it also building a second raised level over the western direction rail line and over the original middle building (or maybe demolishing that) all while trying to keep some semblance of a service going.

  4. As of today the station kebab shop has gone, was being demolished as i went past.

    (and wedgetail pizza has been cleared out as well, not sure if its a refurb or not, but they were giving away crockery last night)

  5. The window washerMay 26, 2010 at 7:55 AM

    New plan looks way better than the old. Those wavy sail things were shite, and completely out of character with the architecture of Newtown. Keeping it more spacey, and utilising the original buildings rather than bulding new ones, is definitely the way to go. Restoration, not rennovation.

    ''At least the canopy was different and somewhat unique''

    This attitude is completely what has stuffed Sydney architecturally. No idea. None.

  6. the original buildings were in both plans, just they were covered by the wave, now they stand out on there own.

    downside of that is that there's now no cover over the ticket windows/offices (which are going in to the old tram buildings) where the wave may have provided protection from rain like todays.

  7. Well I'm standing on the platform this morning and some cute boys in hard hats seem to be digging holes in the vacant block to the south (I think). I hope they go ahead so the old folks get an elevator.

    They'd best make sure this little Vietnamese bakery doesn't go anywhere!

    Fingers crossed.


  8. I hope this design opens up access to the tram sheds. Maybe they can become a market place (again? Have I read somewhere they once hosted a market in the 1970s?). The space outside the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is limited, we could have fantastic all weather markets in the tram sheds if they were renovated.

  9. Now there's big posters up on the station walls with the new design, they've changed it more then i expected, in the wavy roof one the cityrail offices/ticket office were going into the old buildings adjacent the townie (old tram ones) but it looks like now the ticket booth is a new building beyond that, basically in level with that street behind newtown central.

    I assume the small tram buildings are going to turn into more retail then. Does solve the cover issue, However, this new setup totally blocks access to the tram sheds from the king street side.

  10. does anyone know who the developer/ builder is?