Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hatches Batches and Dispatches IV


The fourth round up of some of the comings and goings on and around King St Newtown in the last month or so. Thanks to reader Alison for some of the observations, and those who commented on Hatches III.

New Openings
  • Famous Surry Hills Thai Prasits has taken over the not very succesful Thai restaurant next to the high school
  • New Asian restaurant – and it’s not Thai! - Asian King, on the site of old Shaiza’s Curry House
  • A Coffee and a Yarn at 413 King St - hugely popular knitting and mini-cafe
  • The Granny Square – looks like a cute crafts store, site of old Champion Textiles – 47 King St (a theme here)
  • Chocolate Dog is now a Polish restaurant, according to Twitter !

Prasits arrives in Newtown

Development Applications

  • Yet another bottle shop proposed for Newtown Central (next to Townie)
  • Check out the excellent Planning Alerts site to track D.A.s near you
  • Moose in the SMH (Facebook link)
  • Darley St Bistro in the Botany View Hotel makes the Tele's Top 10 Pub Bistros
  • Street Food blog has a few Newtown reviews
  • Blog review of A Coffee and a Yarn

  • Pretty Dog has moved down the road in Brown Street; it's great to see some action off King Street.
  • Popular cafe Anise has closed due to renovations upstairs
  • Funky Cafe is on the market. Whoever buys it must maintain the music ! And death to the nimby who raised a noise complaint; on King St FFS.
  • A new Festival proposed for Eliza St in September

Pretty Dog slides down Brown St


  1. I notice that the proposed wine bar on enmore road (in the old TAB) now has a name - The Green Lounge.

  2. The Granny Square is owned by the same folks as Morris & Sons in the city and will primarily be a knitting/yarn shop, but with different stock than Morris & Sons. Some of the folks working there have sneak peak pics on Flickr.

  3. The Razor's Edge in Enmore Rd has shut down and moved a few doors up the road and now run the Bistro in the pub - I think it's the Queen Victoria Hotel.

  4. Shame about the Polish take-over of Chocolate Dog - loved the mexican!

  5. Polish at the former Chocolate Dog is amazing! Perogi fantastic and the Beetroot soup delish!

  6. wedgetail pizza is either being renovated or has closed down, i was thinking the former, but i'm now leaning towards the latter, as they've taken the sign down from the front.

    Haven't seen a da or other signage to confirm what's happening, but the guts have been ripped out and there's tradies there all the time.

  7. The polish at the former chocolate dog is AMAZING and far superior to the middle of the road Mexican it was before.

  8. Also, there's now a Cellarbrations sign up at that mall beside the townie, so i feel it's going ahead.

  9. New sign/artwork up for the old wedgetail, its now called

    cucina sopranos

    only online listing is this one so far:

    There's some menu's out the front, could be ok.

  10. There is a prominent "For Lease" sign on the door leading to the Pleasure Chest on King St. Only went up this week as far as I could tell. Remember the controversy when it opened? Is it moving down Enmore Rd? there are several on premises s%x parlours already there....
    I hope they don't though. There are enough already.

  11. A new Vietnamese noodle place called "Pho Sure" opened in the old service station on the corner of Stamore Rd and Liberty St Enmore. Also a new coin operated laundry in the same space.

  12. A For Lease sign seems to indicate that Posh Spice (above the North Indian Diner Tamara's?) is not long for this world.

  13. Posh spice looked troubled when it moved to group bookings only, a couple of months ago.

  14. I should probably get a login, this is like a 4th post in this comments.

    in not so happy news, deli on king has a big for lease sign up, unlike some of the other ones which are the land the business is on, this one looks like the business.

  15. Thai Ingredient on Enmore Rd has a business for sale sign in the window, doesn't seem to have been open for a few weeks. Not sure about this place - it has had several name changes since it opened. Something starting with a K, then Sumaee Thati II, Thai ingrediaent, and another name I can't recall. None of the names ever lasted for long and opening hours always seemed rather eccentric. Certainly it never seemed to be open when I walked past looking for thai takeway...

  16. Another new shanghai-esque dumpling place, on enmore road just before the enmore theatre (coming from newtown station) was a indian until recently.

  17. Dolce and Gelato has had a name change, now called gelato blue. Apart from that all looks the same.

  18. Re : Pleasure chest
    By the looks of these links they are going more online (And I rate), but also refer you to other link, The Cross shop is also boarded up, conviently time after the Release of the second series of Under Belly!