Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cycling to and from Newtown II - The City and North

The latest in a series of cycling posts, this post focuses on how to get from Newtown to the City and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The accepted route from Newtown to the city starts on the Wilson Street contra-flow. However very quickly opinion divides (and there are no signs; unlike the Marrickville side) on how best to get to the city. Going to the southern half of the CBD is best done following Wilson Street to the very end, through Little Eveleigh, around Redfern Station, down George Street, through Prince Alfred Park (when it's open) and then take your chances on Chalmers Street.

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To get to the Northern half of the CBD, or the bridge (which is the Mayor's commute) turn left off Wilson St at Shepherd St and follow it all the way past Sydney Uni Engineering, across Cleveland Street, 2nd right at Daniels, left at Buckland; then either straight down to Broadway and take the footpath up to the Jones St lights, or take a right at Blackfriars, take your chances across Abercrombie to the far lane, then cross Broadway and first right up Thomas Street to join Jones Street.

Follow Jones street almsot to the end, then right turn at Fig St. At the intersection with Harris St, either follow it down Murray St and up to Pyrmont Bridge, or turn left at Harris and take it down to Pyrmont Bridge Road. Turn right and you'll eventually join all the commuters coming off Anzac Bridge, and follow the soon to be completed Union Street cyclepath to Pyrmont Bridge.

According to their press release, the Central Park project on the old Carlton Brewery will contain a cycle way connecting Barbour Street to Jones St and the UTS precinct. While this is great news, it's still not clear to be how this will best connect to Wilson St. From the Sydney Uni / Sydney Council cycle map, it seems the best option will be still to take Shepherd Street, veer right at Boundary Street, cross Cleveland at the lights into Beaumont Street, then follow Myrtle Street across Abercrombie into Meagher Street, before turning left at Balfour.

If you're interested in cycling around the region, I recommend signing up for Sydney Cyclist, in particular the Inner West group. The state govenrnment is also taking feedback on cycling in Sydney until May 28th; I encourage you to have your say.


  1. I see people doing this Shepherd St thing where they turn off. It's madness and if only they knew, they'd realise how much easier, and importantly more pleasant, it can be.

    Don't turn off Shepherd. Keep going all the way to the end. Hop up on the footpath at Broadway and go down to the right to the lights. Wait for the pedestrians to get green, then head down Mountain Street. At the end where it meets Kelly, turn right (be careful, the cars coming through the ped crossing to your left have right of way). Then turn right on Wattle. There's a tiny contraflow lane and cycle symbol on the lights.

    Now go up Mary Ann and keep going straight over Harris Street, take the little laneway to the right, then left onto Darling Drive. Then you hop over to the right and fang it around Darling Harbour to the Pyrmont Bridge. Yes, you're allowed ride there -- it's on the City bike maps.

    I've mapped my route (from Marrickville) here:

  2. I gave the Darling Harbour route a go this morning; definitely more pleasant than chugging through Pyrmont.

  3. One of my preferred route in and out of Newtown. By bikesaint, not me.

    I haven’t done the Shermozie route through Darling Harbour yet, but am keen to do so.

    The turn off Mary Ann Street is called Omnibus Lane.

  4. Actually, looking at the map I submitted again, I prefer Sussex Street, and haven’t used Kent Street before. Sussex Street continues to Hickson Street is a nice place to cycle, and goes under the bridge etc.

  5. If you follow Shermozle's advice, be super careful as you come to the Darling Drive roundabout at Pier St between the convention and entertainmnet centres. I know of two cyclists that have been hit by cars there, as the roundabout has blind spots galore. Apparently the RTA knows it is a dangerouns intersection but is taking its time to figure out what to do about it.
    And if anyone is looking for a fun ride, get thee to Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club -

  6. I follow the Mayor's route exactly on my commute from Wilson Street to Neutral Bay. Have done for 2.5 years. I cross Harris Street at Allen Street and then ride up Murray to the intersection with Pyrmont Bridge Road and onto Pyrmont Bridge.
    Shermozle, I'm bemused by your comment that how I ride is 'madness'. It's very pleasant riding through Chippo after turning off Shepherd Street. Abercrombie is not an issue but I ride early (no later than about 7.35am). Why do you want to hop onto a footpath? Firstly, it's illegal, secondly you have to battle the scourge of pedestrians. Ditto for riding through Darling Harbour. Jones Street is fantastic. Very wide, flat and virtually car free. It's the bigest bike path in Sydney!

  7. Agree with Shermozle the cut thru Darling Harbour to Pyrmont Bridge is a ripper (did it for more than a year) the only variation being that I would follow Jones St thru UTS to hang a right to Mary Ann. I found going with the light change at Abercrombie and going right up to Jones easier than crossing Wattle. Also note Ssharwood's point about the roundabout at Convention - the taxi's are lethal!

  8. At the moment the return home is complicated due to Jones Street being closed - not sure if anyone else has worked out the best way through ? I just push through the footpath and straight across broadway - the middle lane is now protected so you can wait there for the lights to change.

    I've settled on going straight across Allen St into Murray now. The Blackfriars connection onto Abercrombie is technically closed but still the most effective way across Ambercrombie and Broadway.