Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hatches Batches and Dispatches III

The third round up of some of the comings and goings on and around King St Newtown in the last month or so ...

New Openings
  • Wine and Dine, which opened only a month ago where Mickey's was, has already closed. 
  • A new book shop Plato opened this weekend just down the road from Newtown institution Goulds.
  • Inner West Live launches. Check it out !
  • Mayor of Newtown turned one (148 in the real world, only two years until the sesquicentenary)
Development Applications


  • Midnight Thai, behind the 7-11, is closed until problems with their exhaust fan are fixed to the satisfaction of council. Their neighbours at the coffee shop are still going strong
  • Some publicity for the excellent Newtown history site
  • Popular newcomer Luxe Bakery gets named for dodgy soy milk
  • Stay tuned for some news regarding the Hub ...


  1. Did Wine & Dine actually last more than a week? I wonder what the record for shortest open/close?

  2. Not much longer than that. It was empty every time I walked past. It's always sad to see a small business go bust, but it really didn't look like it belonged in Newtown.

    There's a business for sale sign as well as for lease in the window - so maybe a local can take it over and Newtown-ise it. It's certainly a prime location.

  3. A Coffee and A Yarn (cafe/knitting shop) opened last week too (413 King St - just up from the Sando)

  4. and Anise, also near the Sando, closed a few weeks ago

  5. I tweeted about the Coffee and Yarn then forgot to include it. For part IV :)

    Closure of Anise a surprise and shame, I'll try and find out what happened.

    Thanks both for the feedback !

  6. A sign in Anise's window says their lease was up and they didn't want to be there through some construction due to start upstairs.

    i'll miss their coffee and friendly service.

  7. The landlord is supposed to be converting the upstairs into a couple of apartments and I think Anise were concerned about the effect both of construction and on the courtyard.

    It's a shame, one of the few cafes I've found on King St with a decent view. Having hung out there through several ownership changes (going back to the 381 days), I'll just wait for another cafe to open on the spot :-)

  8. Re. Wine & Dine..I knew the writing was on the wall for Mickey's when they changed their cake supplier about a year ago, the laminated menu and fake cream really wasn't enticing. As far as Wine & Dine, sad but you have to do more than literally open your doors in Newtown to build a following; have a look at Funky, small ill suited to live music but is always full. An attentive owner and a bit of luck always helps too :)

  9. new shanghai dumpling place on the north side of king street up near asakusa japanese/green gourmet.

  10. Have you blogged this yet?

    Green light for Newtown RSL redevelopment

  11. The RSL development got a mention in Hatches II. Is the dumpling place referred to Dumpling King ? In my mind King St only has an east and west side (and a north and south end !)

  12. Hi
    Thought I would leave a message to the Mayor of Newtown from the Mayor of Newtown UK I have been the Mayor since 2009.
    I am very busy at the moment with arranging an event for the town to celebrate the Royal Wedding in April
    All the best Joy Mayor of Newtown