Sunday, April 29, 2012

Old Motor Advertising

Last September, a fire on King Street (good set of photos here) in the Laundromat next to the King St Cyclery revealed (after demolition) an old advertisement on the side of the cyclery building. It was a great looking blast from the past - until of course it got tagged by some tossers a couple of days later.
As it was briefly

As if that wasn't insult enough, once the now empty block was put on the market, someone thought it would be a great idea to paint over the wall altogether, leaving yet another invitation to tagger morons. Sydney music enthusiast Greg Poppleton has been following the story of this old ad on his blog; which I recommend anyone interested in this story read. He even spotted a potential culprit for the second crime in this post !

Happily - all is not lost, and it appears the wall will be recreated at the Motor Life Museum at Albion Park. Credit to Greg Poppleton for chasing this up and ensuring this little piece of history will remain in some form. Check out the full story here.

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