Sunday, April 15, 2012

Newtown Hotel Collapse

At first it looked like another fire; although in the end it was 'just' a collapse. Renovations for the Newtown Hotel have been delayed while repairs are done to the floor and wall collapse last month.

Watkins Street remains closed during the emergency remedial repairs; who knows, the closure may become permanent if there aren't too many complaints ! In the mean time the developers may want to think twice before applying cacky green paint.

Thanks to Detective Chow - I've updated this post with a video of the demolition of the side wall:


  1. I snapped a video of them knocking down the side wall following the collapse. Check out the use of cherry picker as hammer, and the use of falling rubble to strip a tree of its foliage.

  2. Nicely captured ! Does this mean that Detective Chow will be reviewing Burger Fuel sometime soon ;) ?