Friday, August 31, 2012

Sydney Council Elections 2012

So it's time for another council election. Sadly Newtown still hasn't been unified so I'm going to have to sit this one out again - the upside being I'll still be Mayor of Newtown come Monday September 10th.

The two elections that impact Newtown residents are those for City of Sydney and Marrickville councils. The election that is getting all the press recently is the City of Sydney one, with a strong media driven anti-Cover push; however Marrickville council has also had its time in the media sun as well during the recent Israeli BDS controversy. In this article I'm just talking about the CoS election; I'll talk about Marrickville in another post - if I get enough information to form an opinion !

Vote Clover

Straight to the point: I'll be voting for Clover Moore's team in the 2012 Sydney Council elections (I live on the Sydney side of the split). There are a variety of reasons for this - first and foremost of course is that I believe she will do the best job of all the candidates who have put their hand up. However I also feel from a position of principle it's important to support Clover in the face of the vicious attacks she has been subjected to from the bogan-tariat and their masters; part of a broader push against effective women leaders this country has been sadly experiencing over the last couple of years. A victory - with a large margin - for Clover and her team would be a real triumph for the forces of decency over that ugliness.

Clover Moore has been the most effective politician in the state over the last decade. Uniquely she has been able to state a plan; consult and then implement it. Importantly the to-do list is not empty and her vision for Sydney and what is left to change is still far more compelling than that of her opponents.

Thankfully in this case there is no conflict between principle and the best candidate - unfortunately for the sake of democracy none of the alternative candidates have really made a good case as to why they'd be better for the Sydney. Some of them have seen value in aligning themselves with the anti-Clover push, which I don't think will necessarily endear them with the electorate; at the end of the day, most Daily Telegraph readers won't be voting in the Sydney council elections - which is just as well for all of us.

In the next post I will go over some of the alternative candidates. For now - your thoughts ?

PS - Just for the record - I  have no connection - formal or informal - with any of the candidates in the election.


  1. super councils like city of sydney have no place annexing parts of smaller council areas. if anything, marrickville council should be responsible for the entirety of newtown AND camperdown.

    1. Fully support this statement by KarLcx. Both sides of King Street should be under the Marrickville banner.
      This way we can remove the parking ticket system and find other more effective parking systems.

    2. i don't actually mind paying for parking, as it's a good way to stop people (especially business owners themselves, in spite of their customers needing it) squatting all day in limited street parking.

      i take real issue with rip off parking rates, like those seen in leichhardt - but rates in newtown and city of sydney in general aren't that expensive, imo.

  2. Long live South Sydney council, amirite?