Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hatches Batches and Dispatches

The Mayor's collection of comings (mostly) and goings in Newtown. The first in a possible regular series ...

New Openings
  • An Asian supermarket called Qmart across the road from the Marly
  • A highly regarded and well reviewed bar/restaurant called Bloodwood at 416 King St
  • Another highly regarded bar called Corridor, on the site of the old Sabor de Espana
  • A deli/cafe/bar called 2042 Cafe and Deli, reviewed in the SMH
  • A fancy looking Izakaya Japanese restaurant Iiza on site of the much lamented Lucky's Pizza and a less lamented Indian restaurant.
  • A fancy and tasty Mexican restaurant Izote at the far far end of Newtown (6 King St)
Upstairs at Corridor

Development Applications
  • Popular sort-of Irish pub Kelly's has applied to expand with a lounge over Janet's pies
  • Trinity Church on Erskineville Rd has applied for some internal reconfiguration and a carpark upgrade
  • Wilson Street cafe Ism (opposite Hollis Park) has applied for outdoor seating (Nimby opposition alert)

  • Rumour has it that Satellite is about to change hands, and the new owner maybe contemplating night openings
  • Popular Flower shop The Flower Room is up for sale
  • Random Thai joint (and former purveyor of Duck) Midnight Thai appears to have closed, although the coffee bar and pastry shop attached is still going strong (behind the 7-11 on Brown St)
  • Vinnies and the 7-11 are rebuilding their awnings
  • The much-loved and sadly vandalised steeple sculpture in Camperdown Park has gone AWOL
Gone ...


  1. Sad to see that sculpture go. we loved it... Any news on possible replacements?

  2. "A fancy and tasty Mexican restaurant Izote at the far far end of Newtown (6 King St)"

    Izote is great, they used to run Mexican in Choc Dog Cafe before the owners kicked them out and opened their own very ordinary Mex restaurant!


  3. Moose (on King, near Alice St.) is now a night time bar too. Looks good, drinks good, people friendly.

  4. Interesting to hear the background on Izote. I had a great feed there.

    Unfortunately the Mayor chose Paddy's Day to test out Moose as a bar - the over-loud guitar and raucus drunk backpackers didn't really add to the 'small-bar' vibe so we left early. I'll give them another chance though - the barman looked as un-impressed as we felt !