Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mystery Photo IX Revealed - Farm Door

Mystery Photo IX
asked where in Newtown the above 'farm door' could be found. It was a sinch for DarkStarDeity, who very quickly posted:
That's the boarded-up back door to the old stable in Crooks Lane (just off Church St), generally referred to as "The Shed" (since corrected to Shack). I was actually going to send you a photo of this building myself for one of the mystery photos as I live near it

Given that I was hoping this was a more challenging Mystery Photo I removed the comment to give others a chance at guessing the location, which no-one managed for three weeks or so until Smacky-wolf chipped in with the correct location.

Crook's Lane doesn't get mentioned in Google Maps, though from this street view you can just see the shed at the end of the lane. In the standard Newtown view, it's the elbow shaped lane in the pocket bounded by Church Street, King Street, Mechanic's Lane and Hordern Street.

Consenus is now that the Shed is actually known by its inhabitants as The Shack, but other than that, there's precious little to tell about this unusual-for-Newtown building - unless readers can provide more information


  1. What I have heard is that it was once a barn, and there is a heritage order on it preventing the owners of the properties it is on from demolishing it or even making major renovations to it; instead, they seem to have opted to just let it fall down from lack of maintenance.

  2. is this the barn out the back of 280 church st??!!! I used to live there...sigh...the good/verybad old days....