Thursday, May 14, 2009

Notes about a New Venue

Notes Live

There's a new venue in Newtown. While it doesn't (yet?) seem to form part of the Newtown Entertainment Precinct, it seems that Notes Live, at 73-75 Enmore Road near the bridge, has ambitious plans to be a permanent part of the Newtown Entertainment scene, at least judging by the yet to be active website, extensive upcoming gig list, and branding. With a fancy menu accompanying the Monsieur Camembert invitation, it seems the inspiration is very much Newtown's Vanguard.

The official opening this Friday (15th May) will feature Vanguard favourites Monsieur Camembert, although the venue has been there for a while, operating as a sort of occasional Greek nightclub and function centre. The fact that the premises are a converted funeral parlour shouldn't be an issue given the success of Kinselas in Darlinghurst.

Any new venue is good news for Newtown in the Mayor's opinion, although I only hope it doesn't impact on any plans for The Hub to re-open as a venue. I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who has already been there, or is attending the opening - let us all know what it's like as a venue.


  1. Notes website is now live, as above:

  2. Awesome venue. Great sound and surroundings. Loved it.