Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mystery Photo I - The Great Bite

Copyright DEWHA, Photographer Charlton, K.

The first in an occasional series of posts where the mayor will share an old photo with you and you have to guess where it is. First correct answer wins a year's free subscription to Newstown :) As do all other correct answers.

Where was the above photo taken ? What monstrosity (there's a clue) replaced the half-eaten building on the corner ?


  1. I really enjoyed this ... can we play some more please? @glebe2037 ...

    p.s. you could almost turn this into a seperate blog (but doing the whole of Sydney)

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  3. Thanks @Glebe2037- this is definitely the first in a series. I like the idea of a more general Sydney one - maybe we could make it a joint project ?

    Mule - correct ! I'll post some more background later.