Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hatches Batches and Dispatches VIII

A bit of scandal in SoKi (South King Street) after an apparent management coup at the popular Pastizzi cafe - leading to a boycott call taken up on Facebook and Twitter (and hopefully in the real world). There are some more details and photos on Street Food.

Meanwhile the interminable Energy Australia (now re-branded AusGrid - at least their info shop near the old Effies) works roll on.

New Openings

  • Charming World grocer - in the distant and seldom visited upper reaches of King St - wins the award for best new name this edition.
  • Ramen Bar adds some spice to the ground floor of Berkelouw in Newtown (which was opened by KRudd ex-PM - they forgot the Mayor). Already reviewed on Street Food.
  • A new(ish) cafe Pickwick's on Enmore Road is getting good reviews.

  • Much loved North Newtown institution Rosalinas is for lease
  • Crepe Kingdom on Enmore Road didn't last long; looks like some financial issues
  • The Eatery opposite old Elizabeths site is boarded up - not sure if for renovations or replacement. Anyone ?
  • Braintree Hemp and VietMaison north of Missenden Road both shut up shop recently
Development Applications

  • A small bar to replace Pleasure Zone (above) ?
  • A games Cafe on North King Street (details - while the DA is active)
  • There is a DA with Marrickville Council to redevelop the TA Andrews funeral home on Enmore Road into apartments and shops (commenter on Hatches VII
  • After 30 years, Edgeware Family Practice is moving to a practice in Church St Newtown (also from the comments)
  • Sopranos near the Hub has started live music - as has Corridor, which is also hosting some Comedy Festival acts
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  1. The Eatery closed up and had a sign saying there had been electrical problems, then it just never reopened. Not sure if they are fixing it or have moved on.

  2. Crepes Kingdom, tasty as it was, seemed to be almost always devoid of customers. I'm sad they are gone but surprised they lasted as long as they did.

  3. Two new DA's you might have missed: the Changiing lanes festival will try to cram 5000 people into Eliza street:$P1.WEBGUEST&f=$P1.ESB.PUBNOT.VIW&ApplicationId=DA201100226

    and The old Elizabeth's bookshop has planning application for a PieFace to open, But I still recon Janet's Pies, next To Kelly's, has the best pies in Sydney.

  4. Council has a very thick folder of complaints on the pastizzi shop operators... Just sayin', theres two sides to Pastizzigate!

  5. Was in newtown last week after a while, interesting to see the little changes

    rose sunrise bakery's been moved out of the king street location (along with rainbow chemist) not sure if its related to the station upgrade or just opportunistic? Anyhow i think the chemist is now on enmore road, and the bakery is moving into the fitness first/supermarket building.

    Cellarbrations is also open in that shopping centre.

    Allegro coffee near the station is closed

    The raised podium at the square has been removed and is now at ground level. Not the one with the washing machine, the one closer to the road (think it was due to emergency vehicle access)

    Surprised to see a couple of stalls in said square on a thursday early pm, are they moving beyond the usual weekend setup?

  6. Khatmandu Ma in North Newtown doesn't seem to be open. Or at least the shutters have been down everytime I've gone past recently. Also in that neck of the woods the Cold Rock Ice creamery has closed, which isn't surprising. Joshua & Sean is closing, the clothes weren't anything special and one of the sales women was incredibly rude so I won't miss them :)

    There are lots of shelves going up in the old Mitre 10, doesn't look like a supermarket so here's hoping it isn't a giant $2 shop.

    Back up my way in Enmore there is a DA for a small bar where the old CPS opshop was. Or at least it was on the council website, haven't seen it on the shop front. And a gallery cafe is opening near the bustop opposite Enmore post office.