Monday, October 4, 2010

Hatches Batches and Dispatches VI

So it's time for another edition of the semi-regular round up of some of the comings and goings on and around King St Newtown in the last month or so. Hoardings have gone up at Newtown Station, there are rumours of movement at Newtown Hotel, whose proposed renovations were recently approved - with 98 conditions ! As well, Newtown was in the news when local sculptor painted an anti-Burqa mural on his wall, challenging the usual local support for free speech and tolerance, and unsurprisingly pleasing Daily Telegraph readers.

The most read link shared by the mayor in the last couple of months though related to the $3.2M Newtown house sale. Not sure what that says !

See below for more:

New Openings

  • Sabbaba is close to opening up next door to Max Brenner
  • The Imperial Hotel re-opened after 3 years and many false re-openings
  • The Watershed started a bike-hire scheme that got wide publicity
  • @Newtown re-launched as Shush
Going ...
  • Much loved Funky Cafe closed for nearly a week - not looking good. It's been on the market for a while now
  • The much loved but short lived Newtown Gazebo finally fell foul of council safety regs
  • Dresser to the mayor, Crazy Horse, is on the market:

Development Applications
  • Dendy applied to add 10 screens to their Newtown mega-plex; including a tacky mural facing Camperdown Park
  • Nothing else too exciting this month - click here for all current Newtown DAs from Sydney Council website.

  • The Inner-West focussed Sydney Fringe Festival opened and closed to mixed reviews
  • Changing Lanes in Eliza Street was a sell-out success
  • Plans for the renovation of Marrickville Metro are attracting much criticism
  • Corridor gets a gushing review in the Gold Coast's local rag

  • There's not much life on King Street, Newtown in Queensland
  • A For Sale sign appeared and quickly disappeared outside the old Erskineville PYCC


  1. Great blog! I noticed that 'for sale' sign on Erskineville Rd too. I wonder why it was there for such a short time? Any chance there might be concern for the future of the street art?

  2. The chinese restaurant next to the Marly on King St seems to have changed hands/names too.

  3. Thanks John - I'm trying to get more information on that and the Tram Sheds - an ideal opportunity to get some low cost accommodation into the area.

    I noticed a shiny new sign on that Chinese - will investigate.

  4. Thai Ingredient on Enmore Rd re-opened re-furbished after being closed for about a month. It now appears to be closed again. What gives?

  5. Submissions regarding the proposed development of marrickville Metro are now up on the Department of Planning website:

    Can't link it in a post so copy and paste the URL and then click on a folder called "Submissions".

    Submissions are overwhelmingly opposed to the development, and not just local residents. Westfield Eastgardens put in a submission opposing it(actually quite good and well put together).

    The RTA opposed it on the grounds that the development would devalue the market price of properties they want to dispose of. Love that one!

    Sydney Water also objected because it would extend into a flood prone area.

    We wait and see whether the Minister listens to the objections or decides to let it go ahead anyway. When was that election again?

  6. Eliza Street, School of the Arts hall, summarily kicked out all tenants during the fringe festival with little or no notice. Our martial arts group was one of them. Welcome to the NEW Newtown.