Friday, January 15, 2010

Newtown Hub Update

This weeks Inner West Courier has an article on Newtown's Hub, although unfortunately there is no news as such. The owner, Chris Vlattas, is quoted blaming Marrickville Council for the lack of progress in turning The Hub into an entertainment venue, a charge which the council quite reasonably denies given the most recent DA was for shops and offices (see my take from last year).

Maybe the publicity will force those interested to discuss sensible options for the venue; certainly Newstown readers have come up with some creative ideas. Use of such an iconic building for shops and apartments would really be a shame. Some sort of concert / cinema venue would be the most logical use - but I'd love to see some more original ideas !

Here's hoping - one thing for sure is that The Hub has stood empty for way too long.

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  1. One of the reasons for the DA being rejected was that no parking was being provided in the office/retail development. There would be over 100 people occupying the building and the owner thought that all would arrive by public transport. Great idea but not realistic! Well done Marrickville Council for rejecting the DA!!!

  2. similar article got a run in central magazine today as well, few more details but sounds like the same story. (not online yet)

  3. For the sake of completeness here's the central mag version: